Outpouring From the Community Means So Much

May 11, 2020

Difficult times can bring people together in extraordinary ways. That was certainly the case on March 28, when citizens from throughout Amarillo gathered for a community prayer outside of Northwest Texas Healthcare System.

As dusk settled, people in cars and emergency vehicles filled the hospital’s parking lot with flashing lights, worship music and a tremendous show of support for the healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sandy Ethridge, Chief Operating Officer of Northwest, was interviewed that night by NewsChannel 10 outside of the hospital. She was filled with gratitude by the demonstration of support and appreciation.

Channel 10 News coverage of parking lot prayers

“When we were driving up the street and I saw all the lights flashing, I really became overwhelmed,” Ethridge said. “It has been a really rough couple of weeks, not just here at Northwest but across the world. And this outpouring from our community means so much to us.”