Share Your Experience and Learn From Others

If you're a patient, former patient, family member or friend, you can share your thoughts and learn from the experiences of others in support groups available through Facebook.

Ostomy Support Group

This support group is for patients, support person(s), and community members sharing their ostomy journey. It is intended for sharing experiences and connecting with other ostomy patients.

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Mindful Motherhood

Welcome to the Northwest Child Birth Center Mindful Motherhood private group. This group is restricted to patients and community members during their postpartum journey. It is intended for you to share your experiences and connect with others.

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NICU Support Group

The Northwest NICU Support Group Facebook page is specific to NICU families support and encouragement towards a lifetime of health for their children. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and ask/answer questions.

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Bariatric Support Group

The Northwest Bariatric Support Group is specific to bariatric support, encouragement, and the journey toward a lifelong goal of healthy habits. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences with healthy lifestyle changes, ask/answer questions, and share bariatric-protocol specific and healthy recipes.

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Stoke and Brain Injury Support Group

Support groups provide a safe place for people to gather where they can meet, share information and offer encouragement. Meetings address various issues such as diagnosis, symptom management, life changes, caregiver stress issues and other important subjects.

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