Northwest Texas Healthcare System Introduces New Germ-fighting UV Disinfection Systems

Monday, January 9, 2017
Northwest Texas Healthcare System Introduces New Germ-fighting UV Disinfection Systems

Amarillo, Texas – Northwest Texas Healthcare System has added five Rapid Disinfector™ UV Disinfection systems to advance their infection prevention efforts. Northwest’s Environmental Services team uses the Rapid Disinfector™ systems to deep disinfect areas throughout its facilities.

The Steriliz Rapid Disinfector™ systems from the Rochester, NY based company use UV-C bulbs to deliver measured doses of light strong enough to eliminate potentially harmful viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi often present in hospitals. The Rapid Disinfector™ system is the only UV-C system that uses patented remote UV-C sensors with the ability to measure, record and report the actual dose of light delivered, giving NWTHS reduced disinfection times, real-time assurance of proper UV doses and a comprehensive quality assurance program.

“We take our patient’s safety very seriously and have produced great results in infection prevention for many years. We are very excited to add the Rapid Disinfector™ UV-C system to those efforts,” says Mark Crawford, NWTHS CEO. “We purchased other UV-C systems in the past and switched to the Rapid Disinfector™ system because they are the only ones that measures, records, and reports the actual UV-C dose delivered. Measuring the UV-C doses will give us a higher level of confidence we are protecting our patients in every way possible.”

Steriliz, LLC is a leading manufacturer of UV disinfection technology, with Headquarters in Rochester, NY and offices in Franklin, TN. Steriliz, LLC manufactures the Rapid Disinfector UV-C Disinfection Systems used to eradicate potentially harmful pathogens in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other environments with dangerous pathogens.