Northwest Texas Healthcare System Enhances Neurosurgery Procedures With New Surgical Navigation Technology

Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Northwest Texas Healthcare System Enhances Neurosurgery Procedures With New Surgical Navigation Technology

Dr. Bradley Hiser with Southwest Neuroscience and Spine Center

Northwest Texas Healthcare System is the first in the region to perform neurosurgery procedures using the StealthStation™ S8. The StealthStation S8 is a surgical navigation system designed to help surgeons perform more accurate procedures in the operating room. The system offers the most advanced version of Stealth™ technology – a combination of medical-grade hardware, software and specialized instruments – for neurosurgery and spine procedures. 

Computer-based surgical navigation solutions have been used as a tool by doctors in operating rooms for many years. Surgical navigation is key to offering enriched visual and quantified information to a surgeon during neurosurgery for accurate tool localization and possible avoidance of key anatomical areas of the brain. 

"We use Stealth navigation at Northwest Texas Healthcare System to enhance our surgical patient care," shared Bradley Hiser, MD with Southwest Neuroscience and Spine Center. "Patients benefit because the surgeon has real-time data during the surgery to allow for accuracy in treatment."

Stealth technology has been used in surgical suites for more than 25 years and has assisted in more than 3.5 million procedures. The StealthStation S8 enhances previous generations with an intuitive new software interface, high-definition touchscreen monitors and advanced imaging capabilities that enable the surgeon to use pre-operative data during the surgery. Patient registration improvements give the surgeon more flexibility in registration, while providing quantitative feedback. It also offers planning components, so the surgeon can load and review pre-operative data and assess the procedure and anatomical steps before the patient enters the surgical suite. 

About the StealthStation S8 System 

The StealthStation System is intended as an aid for accurately locating anatomical structures in either open or percutaneous procedures. The StealthStation System is indicated for any medical condition in which the use of stereotactic surgery may be appropriate, and where reference to a rigid anatomical structure, such as the skull, a long bone, or vertebra, can be identified relative to a CT- or MR- based model, fluoroscopy images, or digitized landmarks of the anatomy.

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