NWTHS and Bomb City Distillery Announce Partnership to Produce Sanitizer

Monday, May 4, 2020

Northwest Texas Healthcare System (NWTHS) and Bomb City Distillery have announced a partnership to begin producing sanitizing solution. Bomb City Distillery suspended production of their vodka to produce the CDC-approved sanitizer for use at NWTHS.

“We are grateful for our community’s response to the needs of our healthcare system," stated Ryan Chandler, CEO of NWTHS. "This innovative way to create a sanitation product will grant the hospital a method to stay ahead of the curve while we prepare for patients in the next few weeks."

Bomb City Distillery owner Kyle Michels shared, “We officially opened last year selling and distributing vodka in the Panhandle. We believe that community is important, so we shifted our production to meet the infection control needs for our area.”

Since making this pivot, Bomb City Distillery has produced and supplied over 100 gallons of sanitizer to NWTHS and other regional hospitals and clinics throughout the Panhandle.