Rhythm of Life Cardiac Rehab Center

At The Rhythm of Life Cardiac Rehab Center at The Heart Hospital, we believe cardiac patients should have opportunities to facilitate their own recoveries while progressing toward healthier, more active lifestyles. The Center offers a unique, patient-centered program emphasizing a personalized approach to recovery through exercise, education and encouragement.

Our highly skilled professional healthcare team includes cardiologists, registered nurses, exercise specialists and dietitians — all dedicated to making the process of recovery a positive and rewarding experience for patients.

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Please call 806-354-1121 for more information about the Rhythm of Life Program.

Program Components

  • Exercise – A personalized exercise program is designed for each patient to improve the efficiency and stamina of the heart as well as overall physical health.
  • Education – A wide range of information is shared with patients and families to help develop more positive lifestyles.
  • Encouragement – Support from cardiac rehab professionals and other patients helps to reduce anxiety and renew self-confidence.

Program Features

  • Closely-monitored exercise classes held at convenient times throughout the day
  • Active family involvement through support group and educational classes
  • Individual consultations and group seminars focused on management of heart disease, exercise, diet changes and risk factors (i.e. cholesterol, stress, smoking, high blood pressure)


The Rhythm of Life Cardiac Rehab Center program is available to anyone with coronary heart disease. A physician referral is required and an exercise stress test is recommended prior to program participation. The program assists with individual care and rehabilitation while the primary physician maintains overall responsibility. Physicians receive progress reports from our Center on a regular basis.

Most insurance companies cover all or part of the cardiac rehab program costs. Coverage may vary with individual policies and should be checked prior to entering the program. Members of the cardiac rehab staff can provide assistance, if needed.