A Pioneer in Treating High-Risk Infants

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Established in 1974 as a pioneer in neonatal intensive care, The Children's Hospital at Northwest Texas Healthcare System has the largest neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in the northwest Texas region. This Level III NICU is equipped with advanced medical technology required for a wide range of conditions, including babies born a few weeks prematurely, unstable babies and those born with low birth weights.

Our Level III NICU treats babies who are as young as 23 weeks gestational age, and is designed to provide care for babies with a variety of respiratory and infectious conditions. Our staff includes neonatologists, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, occupational, speech and physical therapists, social workers and breastfeeding specialists, all specially trained to work with infants in the NICU. Your baby's care team will coordinate any necessary consultations with other specialists, including ophthalmologists, surgeons and pulmonologists.

Transport Team

A special resource for families in the area is our Transport Team, which is comprised of specially-trained registered nurses and respiratory therapists who are available to bring sick babies to the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A team of NICU nurses and neonatologists also travel the region teaching stabilization techniques and management of an unexpected, premature birth to medical staff at regional hospitals throughout northwest Texas.

Transport Team

Streaming Camera System

Infants in the NICU aren't always able to have visitors, but that shouldn't keep parents and family from being able to see them. The NICVIEW camera system allows parents, family and friends to view the newborn in real-time, without disturbing them, through an online portal system. The camera system provides a secure image only to those who you grant access to, and can be seen through any internet device including computers, smartphones and tablets. NICVIEW can provide peace of mind and reassurance when you can’t be at the bedside.

Family-Centered Care

The NICU staff at Northwest Texas Healthcare promotes family-centered care such as:

  • Skin-to-skin care with babies and parents
  • Breastfeeding support for mothers and developmental care for babies
  • Clustered care and minimal handling to help babies receive uninterrupted periods of sleep

March of Dimes Support

The Children's Hospital at Northwest Texas supports the fundraising efforts of the March of Dimes. Our premature infants and parents experience the benefits of March of Dime's fight against premature birth. Neonatologists and certified NICU nurses depend on lifesaving research funded by the March of Dimes. Thanks to this partnership we are working toward the prevention of preterm births.

Find a Doctor

If you need a referral to a pediatrician affiliated with Northwest Texas Healthcare System, contact our free physician referral service at 800-887-1114.