Quality Emergency Care Close to Home

April 17, 2020

Dr. Frederick Poage, DOYou may have heard that Northwest Texas Healthcare System opened its second freestanding emergency department last year, Northwest Emergency on Georgia, which is now providing 24/7 care along with Northwest Emergency at Town Square. What do these neighborhood facilities mean for you and your family, and what makes Northwest’s centers special? Medical Director Frederick D. Poage, DO, explains.

Q. How are the freestanding EDs different from urgent care?

Northwest’s freestanding EDs can provide full-scope care for any emergency, in addition to urgent medical concerns. We treat conditions such as possible heart attack, stroke, asthma, COPD, pneumonia, seizures, head injuries/concussion, lacerations and more. We also handle emergencies like appendicitis, bowel obstruction and cholecystitis as well as broken bones (fractures), dislocations and infected joints. Urgent care centers provide appropriate care for things such as ear infections, sinusitis, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis and urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Q. Is the same high level of care provided as at the hospital ED?

Yes, we provide the same quality care, services and testing in the freestanding emergency centers as the main hospital-based ED. All physicians are board-certified and ATLS®-certified* for trauma. All nurses are also trauma certified.

In an emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately. Learn more about Northwest’s emergency services →

Q. What if I need hospital admission?

Because our emergency facilities are all part of the Northwest Texas Healthcare System, you can receive no-cost ambulance transportation to our main hospital from either of our two freestanding EDs, or we can arrange for a transfer to another hospital of your choice. If you stay within the Northwest system, we can directly admit you to the hospital, bypassing the main ED.

Q. I heard that outpatient lab services are also offered. How does that work?

Our freestanding emergency centers offer outpatient testing including labs, X-rays and CT scans. You just need to bring the order from your physician, and we can do it anytime, including evenings, nights and weekends. If something drastically abnormal is found in the testing, the techs will discuss it with the ED physician on duty, so that it can be addressed right away. Our goal is to provide the very best possible care close to home, and get you the quality treatment you need as soon as possible.

*Advanced Trauma Life Support certified by the American College of Surgeons